School News

12/11/2019 23:11
Something spooky going on in Miss Mortland's room! Lots of fun dressing up and exploring Halloween! Making history fun too.....Miss Mortland reminding all of us how we used to dress up! Black bin...
12/11/2019 23:07
Storms like Lorenzo have helped create the dramatic landscape that we enjoy in Donegal. Mr Fabisiak and his class are working on a photography project as part of the Junior Cycle programme. Check out...
12/11/2019 23:04
Anyone need a makeover? Mr Laird and his team are working on a very important topic at the moment and it's all about "me"! Check out this hair salon! Some serious styling going on here! Looking good...
12/11/2019 23:01
Mr Divers class have been really busy. They are working on the Junior Cycle and have taken advantage of this weeks amazing weather to create this beautiful autumnal art project! Super stuff guys! If...
29/09/2019 21:38
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