Apps in the Special Education Classroom

12/02/2016 00:00
eLearning Industry: List of Free Android Apps for Children with Special Needs  TeachThought :A list of 50 popular Apps for struggling readers and writers iAutism is a website with comprehensive lists of Apps for people with Autism and Special Needs Apps for Special Education by...
18/01/2015 20:54
 Some app recommendations from an OT : Follow this link  This website has more information on apps here
14/06/2013 21:43
This is a link to a brilliant post from Spectronics for parents and teachers who want to use an iPad to create resources. Examples of resources you might want to create are social stories, visual schedules, All about Me books, video modelling etc. Apps for creating books, stories, videos, music...
22/04/2013 20:46
This is a link to an excellent list of a variety of programs, websites and apps which can be used for making Social Stories. Some are free and some are quite expensive. Remember that...
10/12/2012 23:24
Jane Farrall's list of Apps for AAC ( For an explanation of what is meant by AAC, please click here ) Grace App
10/12/2012 22:09
Hatch is a firm favourite in our class. You just tap on the egg. Each tap makes a wonderful cracking sound and then finally cracks open to reveal a fun character. It works on both iPod and iPad.  A nice list of musical apps can be found by clicking here.
10/12/2012 22:01
Fluidity is a wonderful free sensory app. When you swipe your fingers across the screen you move the fluid into an array of colours. This app is a bit like a lava lamp at your fingertips. Children love it. It works on both iPad and iPod.   Pocket Pond is a really popular free app...

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