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03/03/2013 20:55
We've created a collage of activities which we get up to in our...
27/02/2013 23:52
  Parents have asked us to make a list of songs and stories which the...
19/02/2013 21:18
Liam Porter has kindly designed this lovely poster for the 2nd Annual...
17/02/2013 21:00
Yes it's that time of the year again!    Last year the Little...
14/02/2013 23:10
Mr Fabisiak's class created a stop motion animation based on the theme of...
14/02/2013 23:05
  Mr. Bradley's class were very busy this week making St. Brigid's...
02/02/2013 23:00
The two keyboards which are in most of our classrooms are the BigKeys...
29/01/2013 20:25
The pupils from Little Angels School enjoy a weekly horse riding sessions...
25/01/2013 20:56
Congratulations to our student of the week. Well done!
10/01/2013 20:58
Little Angels School is delighted to be involved in the wonderful...
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